The History
Totnes Castle is a typical example of a 'Motte and Bailey' castle, and the earliest parts of the location date back to 1100. The mound upon which the castle sits is the oldest part and was made from layers of earth, rock and clay that were packed down onto a natural rock mound. The original castle was built by the Normans at a point where three valley's meet and where the River Dart could be clearly seen. The original castle would have been timber fortifications, but in the 13th century a stone shell keep was added to the top of the Motte, or mound and a surrounding wall was built around the Bailey below. This was common practice of the time. There was more rebuilding done during the 14th century when the castle was reconstructed, the entrance arch was rebuilt and the stairwells were added within the walls. In later years further protection in the way of a moat was added but this has since been filled in.

Today Totnes Castle is one of the few Shell-keep Motte and Bailey castles to survive at full parapet height, and remains almost complete. The original foundations for a square tower, possibly the original wooden building, can still be seen. The original, domestic buildings from within the Bailey wall have sadly disappeared along with the Outer Bailey where farmland for the castle would have been.

Paranormal Stories
Totnes Castle currently has no paranormal stories attributed to it. If you have had any unusual experiences whilst visiting please do let us know!

The Location
Below are a selection of photographs that were taken during our visit.

Looking up the castle, perched highly upon the Motte for all the town to see.

Walking up the stairs... nearly there now!

Whew, finally made it!

Inside the grounds of the castle you can see original stone foundations for an original tower.

Looking down at the entranceway and the two stairwells that take you up onto the ramparts.

Looking up the stairwell that takes you up onto the ramparts.

The view from the top of the castle is awe inspiring. This is one view...

And this is the other. In the distance is the river Dart.

A photograph of St. Mary's Church from the top of the castle.

Along with the two stairwells, one other area was built into the original stone wall. This was the... ahem... latrine.

Looking into the latrine room.

Looking down upon the Bailey and some of the surrounding outer wall.

How to get there:
Totnes Castle is very easy to get to. Once you arrive in Totnes and have parked walk up to the top area of the main street and just up from where they have the market every week there's a turning on the right that takes you straight to the entrance to the castle. Follow the brown Castle roadsigns to find it.
OS: SX 800-605

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