Evidence Gallery

This following photo was taken during the group's investigation at The ABC / Reel Cinema in Plymouth, Devon (Full report HERE).

This following photo was taken near the end of the investigation. Okay, so it's an 'orb', but it displays none of the characteristics that all of the other orbs photographed possess. Also, this photo has NOT been enhanced or edited in any way (except, obviously, for the original-sized clip pasted onto the shrunk image). Have a look...

Here's a close-up comparison between this and the brightest un-enhanced dustorb photographed in Screenroom 1.

On the left here is a slightly enhanced enlargement of this light to help bring out the colours a little more. What makes this different from the other lights is that it is not flat, lifeless and colourless but rather full, almost 3D in appearence and contains yellows, blues, greens and purples. I've never seen such a spectrum of colours on an orb before, including orbs created by rain. If only this orb had a casting shadow behind it! that way its size and distance from the camera could have easily been calculated.

The screenrooms in the cinema were dusty places. There are a number of photos that were taken during the night that had orbclouds kicked up in them but this is the only photo out of the many dozens taken that had this strange, multicoloured anomaly in it. It's totally unique in appearance compared to all of the other floating 'orbs' which leads me to believe that it wasn't created by dust or airborne particles. Also, incidentally, this orb is exactly where, earlier in the investigation, a group member noted that they had seen a spot of light on the wall. When I showed them this photo they concluded that the light captured was pretty much in the exact same spot.

A follow-up photo taken directly afterwards showed nothing thus ruling out the possibility of it being an external lightsource shining on the wall or something on the lens.