Evidence Gallery

This following photo was taken during the group's investigation at The George Inn in Blackawton, Devon (Full report HERE).

During the night Mike went around with a 35mm film camera and took a series of random photographs. When these were developed all but one showed nothing out of the ordinary. This photograph - taken whilst looking down the stairs to the downstairs bar area - contained something interesting...

The big problem is that the area in question on the photo is too dark for my scanner to handle, so as the picture currently stands above it's impossible to pick out what I'm referring to here. However, with a little patience and using my digital camera to try and copy it, I have an enhanced closeup to show what was captured:

It's still hard to see, but at the bottom of the stairs, partially obscured by the door, there's this black mass almost - putting a paranormal spin on it - like the back of a trailing skirt as someone walks into the Back Bar area. Although, due to the darkness it's enshrouded in, it's impossible to tell what this object is, a seperate photo taken at a slightly later time during the same walkaround photo session revealed the bottom of the stair area to be completely devoid of such black areas (I've tried time and time again to capture a comparison but although you can tell with the naked eye that the object isn't there, transferring it into a digital format for the website has currently proven impossible). During the time between photos every group member was accounted for and were sat in the Front Bar area using the planchette alongside the owner who also did not move during the time. Since the object is being obscured by the door it must have been right down just outside the entrance there, so it couldn't have been a shadow or obstruction like a finger. Also, because no such shape appears in the subsequant photo it couldn't have been an object already down there, or a naturally cast shadow caused by a light.

What it could be we're not sure. Something is definately in the photo that did not appear in a photo taken at the same angle at a slightly different time so it was mobile. The shadow is walking along the path that one of the pub's ghosts - a lady in a black dress - is said to walk down.