Evidence Gallery

During a recent day visit to the St. Clether Holy Well in Launceston a number of photos were taken of the chapen and its beautiful surroundings. One photo of the altar that was taken appears to show a bright blue orb...

It is interesting how the orb that has appeared in this photo is blue, mainly because pretty much every orb that's been photographed has been either grey or white. It's very unusual to capture a coloured orb, especially one this radiant a colour. It certainly appears to show the standard characteristics of an orb - i.e. the outer skin, and is in this lovely blue colour. Dust and particles in the air always creates a greyish white orb on a digital photograph.

Orbs are currently the attention of a big debate in paranormal circles. They were originally considered to be the first step of a spirit manifestation but after research and learning in the field it's generally considered that the vast majority of orbs captured are dust, debris or other airborne particles in the air that just happened to stray too close to the camera when a photo is taken. But, as I say, these orbs are nearly always white or grey. Whilst looking at this photo, Mike spotted that the exact same shade of blue can be seen at the top of the sun-filled window (see close-up on the right). Could this therefore mean that the orb is a light refraction caused by the sun shining in through the window? Could the sunlight have reflected off of a piece of debris in the air as the photo was taken turning the orb the same shade of grey as the blue hue seen at the top of the window? Could the orb be the spirit of a soul who loved the place?

The origins to orbs, paranormal or not, is currently speculative, but capturing an orb of such a distinct blue is definitely very unusual and rarely seen.