Evidence Gallery

In 1998 on the Isle of Sheppey Kim took a quick photo of her back garden to use up the roll of film that was in her camera at the time. However, upon reviewing the photo when it was developed, what looked like an eye and part of a face appeared to be staring back at the camera...

Kim tells us that the photo was taken on the Isle of Sheppey in 1998 when she used to live there. She had a couple of photos left on a reel of camera film and so decided to use the rest up by taking photos of her garden. However, when the photo was developed she instantly noticed what appeared to be an eye staring back at her. According to Kims neighbours at the time the lady who lived and died in her house before she moved in was called Lisa and apparently she loved her garden and nature. She would always be seen in the back garden looking after the plants.

Sadly, photos such as this are always going to be subject to the 'faces in the fire' scenario, where the brain sees chaos and tries to make order out of it. This is why we can see objects and whathaveyou in clouds and random shapes. Also, the possibility that it could also be a pattern within the flowers, or indeed the bud of a flower itself, cannot be ruled out.

However, the eye in this photograph is very clear and really does look like it's staring back at the camera. Whether it's paranormal or rational in context is up for discussion, but this photo is lovely with a nice story attached to it.