Evidence Gallery

During the groups day out at Cockington on March 13th, 2007 Kim took a photograph of the small, closed-off pool. Upon reviewing the photo however, the group were surprised to see a swirling red image in the frame...

We are currently at a loss as to explain what has been captured in this photo. Since the mark does not appear in any of the other photos taken at the time the possibility that it could have been a mark on the camera lens is ruled out. Also, because there is nothing red in the vicinity and because the photo was not being taken through glass the possibility of it being a reflection or whathaveyou is also ruled out. The image also does not appear on the wall. If anybody could offer a possible explaination as to what might be causing this effect then please let us know on the forum.

Click here to see the anomaly in the photo in its original size and totally untouched or enhanced. This is being offered for people who would like to try enhancing it themselves to see what they can find. Below are a couple of enhancements made by Mike to try and show the anomaly in more detail.

What could this swirling red image be?