Evidence Gallery

In 2002 Mike was take random photos of the family pet with a Fujifilm Finepix 2200 digital camera. Suddenly, this appeared in one of the photos...

Within minutes of being taken the photo was on the Internet and being discussed by other paranormal fans who all agreed - this was one of the clearest orb photos ever taken. It's size and clarity was something almost unseen before and showed the structure of these anomalies that you don't see on foreign bodies such as dust or moisture. It highlighted the almost plasma-like surface which, when highlighted (see below) looks a little like flames were coming off. The photo nicely captured what's known as the second, or inner skin of the orb and shows the inner texture.

Since orbs are still a hotly debated topic in paranormal circles, they're widely dismissed as dust or camera faults, but these are easy to spot and an article by Mike has been written which looks in depth at orbs and what could be causing them.

Below are two enhancements of the orb in this photo. The enhancement on the left was done to show the intricate insides of the orb, showing the second skin and textured middle. The one on the right was done to show the almost flame-like plasmaesque surface of the orb.