The History
Unfortunately, no history can currently be found about this chapel but there is an old legend that a nun once used to live there with some children. The story goes that, for some reason, she hanged the children and then herself on the tree just next to the small outer building (photo below).

Paranormal Stories
To date we have only ever found one paranormal story attributed to the chapel, and it was at (link to the thread at the bottom of this page). According to the poster (who also gave the legend written above) he and some friends went and visited the chapel on 22nd September, 2004 (somehow getting inside) with the intention that nothing was going to happen when they suddenly heard footsteps on the wooden beams inside the chapel with them. They thought that someone was outside and went to look only to find nobody. Upon their return they heard the footsteps again and so the poster got up onto one and walked across it. The footsteps heard then sounded, according to all who heard them, identical to what was heard before. One of the party also reported that she could hear someone talking to her but the others couldn't hear anything. Sadly nothing about what was being said was said.

The Location
The chapel is hidden in what is known as 'Chapel Woods' but is surprisingly easy to get too. Nobody knew that there was a chapel in this area until recently, so we had to have a look. The views from the place were stunning as you'll see below.

This is the pathway to walk down from Barton Road. Keep walking down here until you reach this tree...

When you reach this tree bear left down the path shown in the photo. You'll be able to recognise the tree because if you look at the base...

...You'll see this plaque embedded in the tree itself.

This is the chapel itself, situated on the side of the hill.

This is looking up the sidewall and the main window.

On top of the roof the Cross is in place standing proud.

This is the other side of the chapel. Unfortunately it has been the victim of grafitti artists.

This is the small outbuilding just away from the chapel. Its design is much, much later than the Chapel and may be Victorian, although that's an educated guess. According to the legend it was from a tree beside this building that the nun hanged herself.

This is the entrance to the Chapel. Again, grafitti artists have sadly left their mark.

And this is the doorway, solidly locked up making it impossible to gain entrance.

This is inside the chapel and shows the wooden supports inside that're holding the building up.

This is the view from the Chapel entrance. It overlooks Torquay and Paignton with Brixham visible from the horizon.

How to Get There
Getting to the area shown on the map is pretty easy so I won't elaborate on that. Go up on Old Woods Hill and at the roundabout turn right onto Barton Road. Then, just before you reach 'St. Michaels Road', there's a small path running behind a row of houses (entrance shown on the photo above and location indicated below with the blue circle). Walk down there until you reach the woods. In front of you should be a tree with a small plaque at its base (again, there's a photo of this above). Bear left from here and just keep walking down the path until you reach the chapel. You can't miss it.

Location Maps

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