The History
Cornwall was one of the most heavily used counties by Smugglers and evidence of this can be found dotted around various parts of its coastline. This particular cave was subject to an investigation by paranormal group This Haunted Land - to read about the history of the cave along with what they experienced there, then please click HERE.

Paranormal Stories
Again, see the excellent investigation report by This Haunted Land to read of paranormal experiences and what happened to them during their investigation in the cave.

The Location

This is the natural cave formation in the cliff. Outside it looks pretty normal.

Inside however you can see a deliberately man-made tunnel that was used to store contraband by smugglers.

Looking down through the tunnel.

Chris and Kim go exploring.

How to get there:
The cave is relatively easy to find - but if you do plan to go then, this is important, go when the tide is OUT! The last thing you want to do is crawl in, then find that the tide has cut you off making escape impossible. Also - take a torch with you because it's dark in there! Don't hold your hopes up too high with the cave - it's about 4ft high and about 7 meters deep. Plus, when we were there it sounded like there was a wasps nest inside.

But, as I said, the cave is easy to find. Simply head down to the beach on East Looe and, as you're facing the sea, turn left and walk along the path. Go up and over the steps onto the secondary beach and keep walking until, in the cliffface, you see a small cut in the rock. Inside there (mind the rubbish) is the smugglers cave. Below is an aerial photo showing it's approximate location.

Location Maps

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