Evidence Gallery

During an early investigation at Lupton House we focused our attention to the 'Folly', a small, derelict cottage within the vicinity of the mansion. During the investigation Mike, Pete and Chris went out with the intention of walking around to the old stable area because of previous feelings that have been picked up around there. This is what was captured on video.

Initially it doesn't look too impressive. What is it? A spot of light, oh... that's interesting. But, if you start to add a little logical thought to it it becomes pretty interesting. Below is a list of possibilities and reasoning as to why or why not it may be the case...

The IR light reflecting from the eye of an animal
Out of all the possibilities, this is the most likely. However - we were outside and were walking around making a noise. Pete was talking at the time. If a creature of the night hears this sort of thing they usually fix their gaze on where the noises are coming from to see if they are coming from friend or foe (the 'rabbit in the headlights' type stance). The light recorded seemed to just softly float in and then move back on itself slightly before disappearing for good. The positioning of the light seems to be inconsistant with an animal eye. It starts off pretty high up in the foliage and then moves quickly down really close to the ground before disappearing. You also have to consider that the ground where the light was recorded was dry-leaves. If anything walked on that ground then it would have made a crunching in the undergrowth. If you listen carefully to the video no such sound is heard.

An insect such as a firefly
Again, another possibility. The glow of a firefly however can be seen with the naked eye, and they don't just suddenly disappear into nowhere like the light here does. Also, I can't find any reference to fireflies being native to the UK. There is, however, references to glow-worms living in Britain, but would they really have moved in this sort of pattern?

Something floating down in front of the camera
This would be impossible. If you watch the video closely you can clearly see that the lights are moving behind the trees and bushes. No item like dust or debris that far away would reflect the IR back like that.

If anybody can offer any other potential explanation as to what this video might be showing then please feel free to contact us and let us know!