Evidence Gallery

At the start of an investigation in Lupton House, the group went on a walk-around of the building to see if anything could be initially felt and thus find areas to leave recorders and trigger objects. The group walked down from the second level staff bedrooms and were making their way down the small staircase back to the ground floor when an unusual sound was heard and recorded. Just after this sound the videoer suddenly backed off claiming that he had heard a doorhandle rattle next to him.

Later, during a day visit to Lupton House Mike, Kim and Chris were in the same area to take photos for the Walkthrough page. When they went into one particular room (highlighted in the photo on the left) the noise that the mechanism made as the door was closing was almost identical to what was heard during that night. This would also explain the 'doorhandle rattling' just after the sound was heard since the door would have just closed. Below is a video containing what was recorded on the night in question, and then what was recorded during our day visit. If you listen carefully just after the whistling you can hear a click where the door closes fully - this is also heard on the comparison clip.

So, mystery solved, eh? However.... who opened the door?

If you watch the video you can see that the whole group are walking down the stairway in single file. As we were heading down nobody broke formation to look into any other rooms or whathaveyou - we had just looked in the staff bedrooms and were making our way down stairs. If you watch the video recorded on the night you can see us all walking down the stairs, and as the camera is panned around before settling on the corridor you can see everybody on the next flight of steps down continuing to the ground level. Nobody in the group went out of the line to go exploring, and this is backed up with the video. As you can see, the thought of venturing down there only occured after the sound had been heard.

On the left here are two screencapture sections from the video above. The clip on the left is from when the whistling sound had just stopped and before the door clicked back into place, and the clip on the right is from when the camcorder was refocused back down the corridor after the event had taken place. Although the quality is pretty low you can see that in the left clip there is no door handle, and all that can be seen is the indent and metal plate where the door grip clicks into place. However, in the right-side clip you can clearly see a dark rectangle of the doorhandle back in place.

Also, if you watch the comparison video you can hear the mechanism make a loud squeak as the door is opened, much louder than the whistling noise made as it closed itself. If the door had been opened by one of us as we were descending then this louder squeak would have been recorded on camera. However, this does not appear - heavily suggesting that the door was already open as we made our day down.

This proves beyond any doubt that the door was open and that it was as it closed that we heard the whistling. But that just brings us back to our earlier question - who opened it in the first place? This isn't just a case of there being an open door that just knocked away from its doorjam and just close. There's nothing in the room that would be able to hold it open in the first place, and not once have we ever seen that door left open. The heavy mechanism prevents it from being kept open anyway. There's no way that that door could have been open as we were walking down - but if it were the case, what're the chances of it deciding to close itself just as we were walking past it anyway?

Someone, or something, must have opened that door, or kept it held open as we walked past, then let it close at that particular point. But who...?