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On May 29th, 2007, the group spent another night at Lupton House, a grand old 18th century mansion hidden away from the road connecting Churston and Brixham. During their night there Mike set his still-recording Camcorder on a table in the Entrance whilst everyone had a short break and to discuss where we were all going to be heading off too next. Later, upon reviewing this footage, Mike discovered the following anomaly had been captured during this time...

On the right is a comparison photo of the video background that was taken at a later date.

As you can see in the video, soon after Chris walks off to the left a strange shape can be seen drifting into shot from the right and slope downwards. The clip above also shows close-ups and slow-motion replays.

The group have debated this object in great length, and one thing that we have all agreed upon is that it isn't dust. If you compare this anomaly to the countless orb videos that're out there you can see that there is an obvious difference. All generic orb videos have a small ball of light that drifts ever so smoothly into shot and out again. The anomaly on our tape however shows a lop-sided object that also moves in a slightly juddering, shaky motion.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this anomaly however, is that it appears to change shape during its transition over the screen. Below are 6 stills that were taken of the object as it passed.

As you can see, it's shape is not consistant during its time on screen and at one stage even bends at an angle about 3/4th of the way down it. Again, these are not characteristics of orbs, or indeed any airborne particles that may have been in the air at the time. The group has captured numberous orbs on video during their time at Lupton House but all have been easily recognisable and dismissed accordingly. We are, however, at a complete loss as to explain what this could be. It isn't dust, it isn't an insect, it isn't a light refraction or a reflection. Stumped.

So, speaking in a paranormal context, what could it be? Well a small number of things have been suggested, but the two ones that fit most closely with the objects movements are that it could be either the lower part of an arm, or the head of an animal most likely a dog.

The Arm
If you watch the shape closely, it appears to have a joint about 3/4ths of the way down it as can be seen on the capture on the left. The way this joint hinges is very similar to the wrist joint, where the hand moves up as you are walking. Watch the video again with the assumption that it is the lower half of an arm and hand, and see if the way it swings with the joint movement is typical of someone walking. The only problem with this assumption however is that the object is low down on the ground, and so if it were a wrist and hand then the figure would have to be pretty close to the ground. Therefore could it possibly be that of a child? Pete did pick up on the presence of children in the Entrance.

The Dog
Because of its low proximity to the ground, it was suggested that if it were spirit, then could it be that of a dog? Watching back the tape some frames certainly show a similarity to the top of a dogs head - and dogs were a highly common feature of the building when it was a private residence.

At the end of the day however, this is pure speculation. As for explaining it we are at a loss. Below are possibilities and our explanations:

Is it dust / an orb?
As I said above - we've caught innumberable orbs on camcorder in Lupton House and every single one displayed the same characteristic - a perfectly round ball of light that drifted in very smoothly where the only shapechange was when it got bigger or smaller. This anomaly is a distinct, unique shape that appears to have a joint near the bottom half. It's flightpath is also jaggedy and rough.

Is it a moth?
We've also captured moths and other flying insects with our camcorders and again these are instantly recognisable by the beating of their wings and, again, this anomaly is absolutely nothing like it.

Is it a light refraction?
Since the camcorder was kept in a stationary position as the anomaly was captured, the possibility that it was caused by a light reflection of something in the background is nil. The camera would have had to be in motion to create such a movement.

Is it created by torch / camera flash light?
You can see during the video that a torch was shone around the room, and also a photograph was taken. Nothing even remotely resembling the anomaly appeared during these times. In fact, as the anomaly appeared no torches or cameras were even used.

If you can offer any ideas as to what this could be, then please feel free to join our Message Forum and let us know. :-).