Evidence Gallery

During the second night of our investigation at the Lord Nelson Pub in Kingskerswell the group were just getting ready for the evening. As Mike and Chris discuss the night ahead a scuffing noise is captured by the locked-off camera. The only people in the vicinity of the area at the time is Mike, who was standing beside the camera at the time, and Chris, who was at the far end of the Main Bar area. Just as Chris says the line "...is it likely to manifest itself there" a scuffing sound can be heard.

The other group members were nowhere near and were sat down at the opposite side of the pub. Since Mike and the camcorder beside him were the only ones to pick up on the scuffing sound then logic would suggest that it was around this area that the scuffing originated from. Chris, who was about 4 or so meters away, did not hear the scuffing and the camcorder that was set up in the Bar Area monitoring the Back Bar also did not capture the noise. This again tells us that the scuffing originated really close to Mike and the locked-off camera.