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Based in Devon, 'Hidden Realms' are a small, six-member paranormal investigation group that use a complimentry ratio of traditional methods such as mediumship, dowsing and trigger objects alongside the latest equipment, experiments and scientific methods to fully investigate an allegedly haunted location.

All of our methods, equipments and experiments have been researched and tested in the field to ensure that any haunting we investigate is fully covered and all our findings are written up in detail and presented to the location owner as a report. Fully insured, Hidden Realms do not charge a penny for their services and are available to investigate your haunting be it either in a commercial or private location. Full confidiality is promised if you so wish. The group also host local charity events that can be read about on the Haunted Heritage page.

Please feel free to read through the site and see the reports of our previous investigations, evidence (such as photos, audio and video) that we have collected during our investigations and some of the vast array of equipment and experiments that we use to investigate an alleged haunting.

Welcome to Hidden Realms...

New upcoming event... 'Fright Night at the Museum'

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