'Figures' on the Road

Whilst out visiting a few spooky locations one night Mike photographed this following photograph.

At first glance you can clearly see two misty figures standing at the side of the road. The way that the figure in the foreground seems to spill onto the road makes it look like it's standing away from the hedge thus giving the appearance of it free-standing.

However, this is showing absolutely no paranormal phenomena whatsoever. When we were in this area I was looking back over the road and could clearly see these two shapes up against the hedges. They were being caused by the full moon directly behind me shining through the trees so that just there were two gaps big enough for enough moonlight to get through to shine against the hedge as shown.

It's a very good effect and if I had just taken the photo without specifically knowing what exactly was causing these two shapes to appear on the road I might have been fooled by them.

However, it just goes to show that those misty, figure-like shapes you sometimes see do pretty much always have a rational explanation.