Coin Trigger Objects

This particular experiment was devised by group member Mike and has, in the past, wielded some interesting results. The experiment is a piece of A4 paper with a multitude of coins all placed upon it and drawn around. These coins are dated from throughout history from 44BC up to the present day, covering every century and as many different eras as possible. All in all there are 18 coins that feature monarchs such as Charles I, Elizabeth I, Victoria and our own Elizabeth II. The idea behind this experiment is that if there is spirit in the area then they're more likely to move a coin that they recognise rather than an unknown coin from their past or future. If a coin is moved then the date of it can then be checked beside the dates of any major incidents or anything to see if they corrolate. If a coin from, say, the 1700's moved in a building from that time where a major incident happened during that era then that would be good evidence - especially if a medium also picked up something from the same area in history.