Knocks and Bangs at St. Clether's Chapel

On July 10th, 2007 the group investigated St. Clether's Chapel in Cornwall. The first thing they did after initially checking the place and looking around was to leave a Digital Audio Recorder running in the small building which was then left whilst the group went for a pre-investigation meal.

To ensure that nobody ventured near to the building a series of notices were put up advising people that the chapel was closed. This, along with the fact that no footsteps on the nearby gravel path, voices or opening gates or doors were heard during the time that the recorder was left running and that it was set up late in the evening when people would have been at home having dinner, leads us to believe that during the entire time that we were not there the chapel was empty and did not have a single visitor.

The day was sunny and calm. Therefore, logically, all that should have been recorded was silence bar the odd bird song. However, when the recording was played back there was anything but silence...

So, the question is, just what is causing these loud, prominent knocks and bangs? There was no wind, the doors were securely closed and there were no visitors to the chapel whilst we were gone.