An Unfriendly Warning?

During an early investigation at Lupton House the group concentrated their efforts down in the Cellar (made famous by Most Haunted when the trigger objects they had set up moved, and then partly disappeared). The group left an array of experiments set up and left for the night - one of which being talc on lino which was left on an archway and a camera was left recording it.

Although the video itself recorded nothing unusual visually, the following voice appeared during a review of the video...

There's no doubting that what is being said in this audio clip is 'Get out!', but the only problem is that it's way too stereotypical of a 'ghosty spookfest' and thus I can imagine scores of readers now thinking "Oh come on, that's way too cliché, it's got to be a fake!", especially since the background muttering seems to silnce itself just as the voice is said; resuming against just afterwards.

The whole group can assure you that this is NOT the case. If we were in any doubt over its authenticity then it would not be appearing on this site. Period.

When this particular segment was being recorded the group had just finished sitting in various parts of the Cellar and had rejoined for a warming cup of tea (Because it was VERY cold down there that night). You can hear us talking from the opposite chamber, a quiet, echoy sound. Then, during a pause, this raspy whisper is recorded within what sounds to be a close proximity to the camera...

"Get out."

Then, with no reaction from the group our discussion continues quietly (the yappy sound jeard after the whisper initially puzzled us, but during a later visit to the house the same sound was heard outside which leads us to believe that it was wildlife).

So what could have made the sound? There are a couple of things that shows to us, and hopefully you, that it was definitely not one of the group members larking about or anything - not that we ever do anyway. During this time everyone was all grouped up in the first chamber. The camera that recorded the sound was approximately 5 meters away in the opposite chamber. As you can hear in the clip, our talking was pretty quiet so how loud must a whisper have to be to be recorded at that loud volume? Also, you can hear a dictinctive, deep echoing on our voices, but yet there is almost none on the actual whisper. This leads us to believe that who or whatever made that sound was in the same room as the camera itself. But all of the group were accounted for at the time and nobody else was anywhere near the building at the time. The other point is that if you listen to the group's discussion in the background there is no reaction to what was said. If it had been done as a joke during our teabreak then there would have been some kind of retort from the others; a laugh, a comment, anything. But none can be heard - the discussion just continues as it left off.

So what could have caused it. Well, with something that clear and distinct it has to be a voice. What created it however is up for discussion. There are only four possibilities as to how it was created - fake, natural sound being mistaken, inadvertantly made by one of the group, or spiritual. Hopefully fake and an inadvertant comment have been ruled out, so we're left with natural sound being mistaken, or paranormal...