Analogue Tape Recorder

Like cameras, there is a big debate as to whether digital or analogue audio recorders are better for paranormal investigation. Therefore, to save arguement, we use both. It has been speculated in the past that it is something to do with the magnetic attributes to a standard audio cassette that can somehow record EVPs so, in this aspect, digital may not be the right thing for the job. It's always good to go for a decent model and the one we use is a Sony TCS 580V Stereo Cassette Recorder. Packed with features, such as hi-frequency recording, a counter for cataloguing anomalies for further scrutiny and, most interestingly, audio-activated-recording. The downside to an analogue recorder is that in order to create a digital copy of the content for further analysis it has to be played directly into a PC in real time. This, if you have recorded 5 hours worth of tape, is obviously time consuming. But, if it increases the chances of recording something interesting then we're prepared to do it.