IR Security Camera

Occasionally, during an investigation, there's a small area of a location that you just don't want to monitor with an expensive camcorder. These could be outside places where exposure to cold or rain is a possibility, or it may be in small rooms that you feel warrants being monitored, but not enough for a main camera. These little security cameras are perfect for the job. They're waterproof, can be easily set up to monitor anywhere and have a night-vision capacity of 3m of clarity. This one also has a built-in mic. These cameras can also be used to monitor trigger objects if you have no spare camcorders handy. They come with an 8m SCART lead (which can be extended) and plug straight into a TV or video recorder for constant monitoring. Recording LP on a standard 4 hour tape can give you an 8 hour recording so there's no need to go back and check on it once everything is set up.