MF Reader

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readers are quite a recent addition to the paranormal investigators toolbag. It has been suggested in the past that when spirit manifests it creates a magnetic distortion - a distortion that the basic EMF readers were able to register. However, the Dr. Gauss unit pictured on the left is not an EMF reader (despite what Most Haunted tells us), but rather a more simpler MF (Magnetic Field) reader. MF readers can only register a magnetic field (suggesting the presence of an electro magnetic field, but in fact could be a natural magnetic field). Its the trifield which can check for both magnetic and electric fields independantly. The notion that EMF fluxtuations can be caused by spirit was a context that Most Haunted hijacked. The only known link between EMF and the paranormal world is that when someone is exposed to an Electro-Magnetic Field (approximately 7mg and above) for a period of time they can feel disorientated, nauceous and have the strong sensation that they are being watched. This is where the MF reader becomes a useful tool. If a team member is describing such an experience then the MF reader can be used to determine if there are any fluxtuations in that area.