Spirit Level

Firstly, pardon the pun! Inside the upper part of our inner ear is the vestibular system, a hair-like sensory system that detects the motions of our bodies. This can detect even the most slightest movement in our heads to keep us balanced. If you're standing on a slightly uneven floor then an imbalance is created. This imbalance can create feelings of nausea, dizziness, headaches etc... basically the kind of symptoms some people say you get when spirit is draining life energy from you. Although this theory cannot be tested, the rational explainations as to why you can feel this way can. As a slightly sloping floor can attribute to these sensations then it is very easy to test the the ground to rule out this possibility when someone's feeling drained. This is where the spirit level comes in. Very cheap to buy (ours cost £1 from Woolworths) and probably the easiest thing in the world to use. Put it on the ground, and if the bubble is outside the middle markers then the floor is uneven. This does have to be tested because investigations do primarily take place in old buildings, and old buildings invariably have uneven floors.