A laptop has a vast array of uses during paranormal investigation, and can really help to produce some positive results. The potential is only limited by the software you can install onto it and your imagination. For example:

- If your digital camera has a limited memory card and you continually find yourself running out of space for photographs, then you can use an inexpensive card reader, download all the photos you've taken onto the laptop and then wipe the memory card so that it can be fully reused.

- A number of experiments can be conducted using a laptop. For example, the group is currently building an Infrasound Detector that requires the use of an Oscilloscope. Rather than get a dedicated machine that is very heavy to carry around everywhere a small Oscilloscope card has been purchased to plug into the back of the machine. Same results, and instead of simply reporting that 'the Oscilloscope flickered' actual screenshots of the degree of power that the infrasound was detected can be taken for a much more accurate report.

- Free software out there, such as Audacity, means that you can plug a microphone directly into the laptop and then leave it recording in an empty room at very high quality. This way, the audio coming in is much purer and won't degrade during conversions from one format to another.

- Experiments can be conducted using it. Again, using Audacity to generate an infrasound of below 20Hz it can, for example, be plugged directly into a suitable speaker / amplifier and played to see what reactions it creates for nearby people.

- If you're giving a presentation then you can use a laptop to present videos, EVPs, photographs etc clearly to your audience.

These are just some of the uses, and as time goes on I'm sure a large array of additional uses will be implemented when and where applicable.