35mm Film Camera

The analogue camera seems to be suffering from a bit of bad press these days with the increase of digital camera availablility, but their inclusion is essential to any paranormal investigation kit. Okay, so the analogue camera has downsides - you cannot review your photos after you have taken them, and film and processing can cost quite a lot. Also, because you have no idea if you have captured anything you could pay for a whole roll to be developed and capture nothing. However, unlike digital cameras, analogue cameras photograph the entire multi-spectrum of light when a photograph is taken rather than a highly constricted, mere digital representation. Because of this, there is every possibility that there is a much better chance of capturing something very interesting on an analogue camera. Not only that, but every photo you take comes back with its original negative (proof that the photo has not been tampered with in any way) and also if something has been captured then the photo can be enlarged and resized as much as you like and the quality still remains clear and sharp. A decent camera is essential and thanks to the uprise in digital cameras the analogue ones can now be picked up quite cheaply. The analogue camera we is are the Samsung Fino 800 with 135mm zoom