Digital Camera

Since the digital camera has come down in price to become affordable to the average person they have become an instant hot favourite to have in the standard ghost kit. They have numerable positive attributes such as they can take more photos than their analogue counterpart, and photos that are taken can be instantly viewed to see if anything unusual has been captured. If all the photos are clear then the memory card can be quickly erased and reused, thus eliminating the need of film and processing. However, there are also big, negative sides to the use of digital cameras as well (as outlined in the 'Digital Cameras' article on this site) and as such their usefullness in the world of paranormal research is in question. However, they are perfect for instantly recording the original positions of experiments and trigger objects if leaving a camera running on them proves impossible. If something looks like it has been moved then the original, initial pohoto can be instantly reviewed to see if anything has indeed moved. It is always good to get a decent digital camera if you're looking to get one for paranormal investigation. If something actually was caught in a photo then you'd want to be able to zoom the photo in as close as possible without losing quality; having a 1m pixel camera would be useless. Always go for the biggest number of pixels for the best detail possible and always try to buy cameras from brands that are exclusive in photography such as Fujifilm and Kodak. The digital cameras we use are the Fujifilm Finepix S5000, Fujifilm Finepix S5500 amongst other, smaller compact cameras.