DAT Recorder

However much you argue against them, DAT recorders have one huge advantage over both the tape and minidisc recorders, and that is where you can record up to 11 hours of audio and then be able to instantly transfer it into your computer in minutes. Initially DAT recorders were not held in too high a regard since they have a minimum recording range of 300Hz when EVPs are said to be recorded at a much lower frequency. However, despite this we have added an Olympus 2100PC DAT Recorder to our equipment following a few experiments and trials regarding its potential. These produced a positive result, and one particular recording can be found on our evidence page.

Because of their size and light weight, these recorders can be put pretty much anywhere and left for the entire investigation - two AAA batteries can record approximately 20 hours of audio and the internal memory itself can record 11 and a half hours of continuous, uninterrupted audio. Such potentials of its use could be, for example, to monitor a trigger object to ensure no tampering. Or it could be left in a location and then have that area sealed so that no out-side noise can be recorded.