CO1 Detector

This piece of equipment is very seldom (if at all) seen in paranormal kits, but it does have a very good potential during an investigation. During our time at past investigations a number of people have come back complaining of certain areas of a building feeling 'heavy', or that standing in a particular area makes them feel nauceous, dizzy and light headed. These symptoms also corrolate with the initial feelings of ill health associated with carbon monoxide and if there is an abundance of this in the air then people can indeed feel the aforementioned effects. Because of this, the group uses a Carbon Monoxide Detector to test these areas to see if it can be attributed to a rational explaination. Of course, there are other medical, scientific possiblities to explain the sudden feeling of dizziness (such as, for example, a drop in blood-sugar level) but using this can easily rule out one of the very real possible causes. Pubs are well known for being haunted, and a main feature of pubs is that people freely smoke in there giving off a large amount of Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere. Perhaps this could explain some paranormal experiences felt in these places?