Digital Camcorder

Originally camcorders that were capable of recording in night-vision (or Zero Lux) were vastly outpriced for your average investigator. That was until Sony brought out the HandyCam, brilliant piece of affordable kit which used Infra Red to enlighten what's being recorded when, to the eye, it is completely black. The night-vision camcorder is essential in recording and capturing anything and everything that is said or done during an investigation so that everything done is logged and recorded both visually and audibly. It is one of the groups most important rules - *always* have a camcorder recording during the investigation as you will never know what may be about to happen. Another important aspect to the night-vision camcorder is that it uses Infra Red light in order to light the room and record a clear image. It is said that the Infra Red spectrum of light is where spirit may reside in and as such having a camcorder that is capable to recording this could be interesting things being filmed. The camcorders we use is the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV228