Digital Barometer and Thermometer

Even the slightest change in the atmospheric pressure can create the feeling of tightness in the head and nausea. People who are sensitive to this often complain of headaches and lethargy as a high pressure weather system is slowly replaced with a low pressure weather system. The lower the pressure the more noticable the pain and can get particularly bad when a thunderstorm is on the way.

Because of this, the group uses a digital barometer to take an atmospheric reading at the beginning and at the end of each investigation. If people in the group have spoken of feeling tired and headachy as the night progressed and the pressure has dropped then this may be an explanation as to why. Also, if there is a particular room that feels 'heavy' and uncomfortable to be in, then an instant barometer reading can be taken. If there is an atmospheric pressure drop in a small, localised area then that's interesting.

Also included in this device is a digital thermometer. This is much better than a laser thermometer since they can only read the temperature of a surface. So, if you're trying to get a reading of a cold spot, the laser thermometer will only tell you the temperature of what is behind it. This is different since it reads the temperature of the area it is placed in and can be held within a coldspot to see if a drop in temperature can be recorded.