The History
The stone circle is believed to have been constructed back in 2,000BC and is unique for both the side of the stones used and for it's size. It's the smallest stone circle in Cornwall, and I suspect one of the smallest in the countries.

The adjoining farm is named Stonetown and has been known that since 1329 but officially the stone circle didn't exist until it was discovered in 1801 being bisected by a large hedge. In 1858 the Rev. T.A. Bewes of Plymouth cleared the hedge and surrounding area, and in 1861 the stones that had fallen were reset but unfortunately the largest stone was broken and left prostrate. At the base of a large stone it was said that a large urn containing bones was discovered but unfortunately a workmans pick smashed it before anybody spotted it, and then turned to dust when it was exposed to the air.

The stones, some of which were said to have one time been over 2.6 meters tall, are a quartz-rich rock containing Ankerite. The stones are said to weigh up to 9 tons and are all tapered towards the top. The largest stone points due South, and the rest of the stones are aligned to the points of a compass which suggests that the circle had astronomical purposes, but since a burial urn filled with bones was discovered along with what appears to be a small lump in the center it may have been a special sort of mound or burrow.

Paranormal Stories
No paranormal stories are, to our knowledge, attributed to the place. If you know of any then please get in touch.

Our Day Out
We went and visited the stone circle during our visit to Looe to meet up with the guys from This Haunted Place. Here are the photos taken there.

This is your indication from the main road of where the stone circle is.

The sign points up this small roadway.

Walking up it brings you to this gate.

Go through the gate and you're there! It's only a very short distance from main road to stones.

This is the biggest stone in the circle. I bet if you're walking in the field at night and your torch accidentally catches this it'd look just like a huge figure!

This is the flat stone.

A nice, artistic view.

The view from the stones.

How to get there:
You can either drive to or get the bus into Duloe but make sure you end up at the small pub there. From there walk up the main road towards the church and as you pass some old houses on the left the signpost photographed above will be in front of you. From there walk up the path and go through the gate and the stones will be right in front of you.

Ordinance Survey Map Reference: SX236583

Location Maps

Large Scale


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