The History
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Paranormal Stories
During six weeks over the summertime of 1996 no less than 15 people reported witnessing a small flat, olive-green-faced monkey type humanoid creature with no tail running running through the woods. Occasionally it was also spotted swinging in the trees. Two websites, the '1996 Humanoid Reports' and 'Bigfoot Encounters' both note this remarkable occurance. Was it a baby Bigfoot? Was it a 'Chupacabra'...?

A friend of the group had an unnerving experience in the summer of 2006. He and two friends decided to spend the night at the nearby Seven Quarry. After pitching the tent in the first quarry everyone felt great, but as nightfall approached they started feeling edgy and nervous despite making double-sure that nobody else was there. It was a one-way-in, one-way-out location, and impossible to navigate safely in the dark. They were alone. However, after a couple of hours into the night the group were getting quite worried and heard heavy footsteps on the gravel around the tent that was shortly followed by heavy breathing. Then something kicked the ground-sheet of the tent inwards towards them where it stayed until they pushed it back out, something that they couldn't recreate in the morning without first moving the fly-sheet out of the way beforehand. They spent the remainder of the night in the tent not daring to leave until the sun was back up and the atmosphere returned to normal.

The Location
During our walk down in the woods we came across this unusual set-up that was originally an Ampitheatre built by students from Brixham Community College. Sadly, however, it's seen a long time of non-use and its age is beginning to show. When we came across it it had the appearence of a ritual site with the four surrounding stumps covered in carvings that depicted the four seasons and the suits on a pack of playing cards. Within these stumps was a small offering bowl and all around the surrounding trees were many un-nerving wooden masks looking down onto you. The discovery of empty tea-light candles could suggest that people have used the area as a ritual site. Photos of this and another discovery are below.

These are the four stumps of the site, each depicting different seasons and each having a playing card suit engraved on them. On either sides are horizontal, carved logs. Dotted around the site are discarded tea-candle cups.

This is the face on the Spring stump.

On the other side of the stump are are flowers just bursting into bloom alongside the Spades icon.

This carving of a dragon is on the Summer Stump.

On the opposite side is a carving of the sun.

This is the Autumn Sutmp, showing an empty tree with falling leaves.

The Winter Stump has this un-nerving face.

Which, when you look closely, has two-pences in the eyes. Could this be the face of the dead with pennies on the eyes?

In the middle of these stumps is what looks to be an offering bowl.

High in the trees surrounding the site are these carved masks. The following pictures are of these masks.

On our way back from the site we diverted off the main track a little and stumbled across this. Could this possibly be a grave? It's about 5ft in length and 2ft in width and the ground level inside has sunk indicating that something underneath has collapsed in on itself to create the indentation.

How to get there:
The woods are very easy to find but you do have to walk approximately three quarters of a mile to reach them. Starting from Brixham, if you drive out past the Toll House on the main road out towards Churston, take the right into Churston Village just after you've passed the two gate houses of where Gramercy Hall School used to be. Drive down here and past the tennis courts, bear right past the turning down to Churston Court Inn and on your left there's an alcove with a stone stile leading to a path. You can park here or if it's full you can park tucked away on the small road that you just passed that takes you to the Churston Court Inn. Hop over the stone stile and walk down the path and you'll come to a stone gateway that leads into Churston Woods. There's a information board above the location just as you go in. Follow the downwards path until you reach flat land, bear right and continue walking down towards Churston Cove. You can't miss it.

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