The Ghosts of Berry Pomeroy Castle

The castle's most famous ghost is of the White Lady. This ghost is said to be that of Margaret de Pomeroy who was incarcerated in what is now known as St. Margaret's Tower by her sister Eleanor. Eleanor was insanely jealous that a man both she and Margaret were in love with only had eyes for her younger, more attractive sister. The White Lady is said to emerge from the tower she was imprisoned in and walk around the ramparts, beckoning witnesses to the tower. The sightings of this ghost seem to indicate that you only witness her if you're outside the castle at the time and her last reported sighted was in 1987.

Another famous ghost is that of the Blue Lady. Her identity is unknown but the legend goes that she was raped by her father and the resulting baby was either strangled or thrown onto a fireplace in one of the upper rooms. It is not known whether it was her of the baby's father who committed the murder. Her ghost is not confined to any part of the castle and she has been spotted in numerous places with a look of utter distraught on her face. She has been reported to lure visitors to various parts of the castle. The blue lady has apparently been photographed as seen on the left. The origins of this photo are unknown (although the heavy vegetation on the walls suggests that it was taken before 1977) and the part of the castle where this figure is standing is sadly unrecognisable. If anybody has more information of this photo then please get in touch.

At the rear corner of the castle there is an area known as 'Pomeroy's Leap'. Legend says that two de Pomeroy brothers were in the castle when it was beseiged. Rather than face a long, drawn out battle and subsequant defeat they mounted their horses and leapt out and down the cliff-face to their deaths. People who have stood in this area have reported hearing screams and thudding sounds as if something, or someone, has fallen down the cliff.

The driveway that takes you to the castle is also said to be haunted. People who have driven or walked down this isolated lane have reported the feeling of being stared at, some getting overcome with a sense of panic before fleeing. Some reports also tell of a dark, shadowy, cloaked figure staring at them from behind the trees.

A huge, black dog has been reported walking the outer grounds that can be seen by some people and not by others.

There is a particular fireplace in the East Range that has an interesting story attached to it. During a group visit to the castle Dennis remarked about how it smelt like recently burnt wood like a fire had just been lit there. There were no scorch marks on the ground and this is the only time that the group have encountered this.

Some people have reported experiencing a choking sensation or tightening of the throat to the point of coughing and being unable to breathe whilst stood in the Seymour kitchen area. This phenomena has been experienced by group member Mike who suddenly felt his throat tighten. He coughed and couldn't catch his breathe for about 20 seconds when the pressure suddenly left. Could this strangling phenomena be connected to the Blue Lady, and the story of the strangled baby?

During our day out at Berry Pomeroy Castle (August 21st) Mike was talking to Chris when out of the corner of his eye he saw a pale-pink figure-like shape walking near Pomeroy's Leap. A photo of where this figure was spotted is below.

Other reports including whispering, shadows with no source, cold spots, freak winds, a lady in grey and a cavalier.