Life After Life
Raymond A. Moody

Reviewed By: Mike

There are a whole range of books currently out on the market that deal with the phenomena of Life After Death or Near Death Experiences. So many in fact that when I decided to read up on the subject I asked for a recommendation as to which book I should read. 'Life After Life' was the recommendation.

The problem with some books out on the market is that they look at the subject from a biased point of view - they either look at it from devout believer and take everything offered as fact and evidence of life everlasting, or they try to completely rubbish the idea and make out that believers or experiencers are 'deluded'.

Life After Life, however, is refreshingly unbiased. Distancing himself away from the individuals who have only third-party experience of the dying process, Raymond collected over 100 individual, personal accounts from people who have, themselves, 'died' and subsequantly resuscitated. It is these accounts that form the basis of this book.

Raymond notes how all of these personal, inidividual accounts have striking similiarities and common themes to the extent that with them he is able to build a 'guideline' on the common themes people have related when they 'died'. Could these be what happens to you when you die? Each stage is backed up with anecdotal evidence that Raymond has collected.

Afterwards the book focuses on some of he parallels of what he has collected based on other literature - namely the Bible, Plato, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Emanuel Swedenbord. Each past literature is compared to the modern experiences that he has collected to show a number of striking similarities between all four and his research.

And to further highlight the unbiased nature of this book, it ends with well-researched questions and 'rational explanations' that could be the cause of what people are experiencing. These rational explanations are backed up with anecdotal evidence to show that they can produce similar results, but Raymond also points out the differents as well.

All in all this is a very enlightening book to read. It isn't caked with belief or scepticism, but rather focuses on the main point of what the book is about - the evidence. It doesn't try to prove that what these people are experiencing is truly life after death, nor is it rubbishing them all as some medicine-induced hallucenation. It presents the findings truthfully along with remarks and comments by the author, and allows the reader to assume their own mark on what has been written.

For those who are frightened of death then this book could very well put your mind at ease. At the lease it'll give you something to think about.

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