My Theory of Relative Time Structure, and How This Could Affect Paranormal Situations.

Okay, this is a bit of a tricky one....
It is widely believed that young and adolescent children are more susceptible to the paranormal, and therefore tend to experience more in the way of paranormal events than more 'mature' people.
This is believed to be because they 'do not know any better.' In other words, they do not have the blinkered life experience that tells us to dismiss such events as figments of the imagination. We are all taught to rationalise what we see from a very young age.

As a paranormal investigator, I have found that the majority of 'spirit people' who try to communicate during a vigil are the young. Again, maybe this is because older 'spirit people' do not wish to communicate with someone they do not understand. This became apparent on a recent investigation where a young girl came through and said that she was with her mother and grandparents. She stated that they were all there in the house with us and she could easily communicate with them as well as being able to see them. Throughout the investigation she was the only one to come forward, which made me wonder why. Maybe she came forward because she didn't know any better, maybe it was curiosity, or maybe I’m way off with this theory!

This leads me onto the second part of the theory.... I asked myself the question:
If this girl is here, and can see and speak with her mother and grandparents, are they still 'living' here?
If you think about it, in a great number of investigations communication among spirits becomes apparent, as does limitation of movement; i.e.; if an area wasn't built during their time, they do not seem able to go there.
This makes a lot of sense when you look at it in a logical and physical sense, but not when you think of the stereotypical 'ghost' who follows you around. I must point out at this time that the young girl I have mentioned did not venture to the newly added third floor of the vigil location, but seemed to follow us around the lower floors quite happily.

The most interesting part of this theory is, unfortunately, the most open to scepticism.
We have proved on many occasions that people in the spirit world are able to communicate freely, but tend not to make themselves known to us very often. There are contradictions to this of course. It sometimes seems like we are the outsiders trying to look into their world, so what if that was actually the case?
What if.... You hold an investigation in a house, and instantly a young child comes through to you, who claim to be there with her family, but you are unable to communicate with them. The girl stays with you all night, constantly referring to her family, and their movements. Is it her innocence or ignorance that allows her to communicate with us without realising that what she is doing is wrong, just as with a living child communicating, or seeing, a deceased person. Which leads me to the BIG question.......

Does the 'spirit world' exist in much the same way as our own? In the sense that they still live their lives alongside us, and we are the intruders who occasionally appear to them, as much as ghosts occasionally appear to us? Those of you who have seen the film "The Others" will dismiss this instantly, but please take some time to consider it... It's not quite as crazy as it sounds.

Happy thinking.

Article by Ian Kendray. Copyright © 2007. All Rights Reserved. See copyright page for full details.